Twisted Smoothie Co. is the dream of two Okies, Josh Hudson and Josh Listen, who came to Colorado inspired by healthy living and a devotion to the notion that nutritional, wholesome food can bring people together and better the world in the process.

Josh Hudson had already lived a full life before 30. Always a numbers man, Josh graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Oklahoma and went into an industry that many do in Oklahoma: petroleum. "I was getting paid nicely to develop one area of my life while the rest suffered," Jost admits. The constant toll of working seemingly unending hours started to wear on himi so he quit his high-paying job and left for the high plains of Denver. "I fell hard for Colorado from the moment I first visited," Josh says. More than anything, he admired the strong sense of community, as well as the high priority Coloradans place on healthy, organic foods.

Josh Listen has always had a strong connection with cooking. It didn't take him long at all, having moved all over the United States as a kid, to adopt family meals as the center points of his day. These were and still are the main times in which you can get together with the people you're closest to and break bread, laugh and unwind. Over time, Josh L. began to see food as his true calling. After graduating from Le Cordon Bieu culinary school, he worked as a chef at numerous established restaurants before his childhood friend Josh H. approached him about going into business for themselves.

"We're about real food, and I mean 100% real," Josh L. maintains. "That means smoothies made from nothing but pure fruit and good ingredients. Nothing from a can. The same goes for all our baked goods and soups."

Every smoothie is customized, too. Say you'd like a peanut butter banana and strawberry mixed together. Go for it! The soups are delectable, nutritious, and change a few times a week. The cookies, granola bars, and brownies are excellent as well, the raspberry chocolate muffin being an early favorite.

The Joshes's dreams don't stop there though. Salads will soon be introduced to the menu, and Josh L. will begin offering evening cooking classes. Future plans also call for a farm coop where community members can grow their own food, and from where Twisted Smoothie can harvest its locally raised goodies.

"Giving back, that's the reason we're in this," Josh H. notes. "I was selfish and all about the money when I worked for corporate America. That has all changed as the rest of my life is about providing people with a space to come together, and if I can also do my part to encourage them to eat well without sacrificing flavor, then all the better!"

Twisted Smoothie Co. is nestled into a charming little nook in the community of Wheat Ridge, at the corner of 29th Avenue and Depew. Stop by sometime.

5640 W 29 Ave
Wheat Ridge, CO 80214
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sat and Sun: 9am-6pm
Fri: 9am-5:45pm
Closed Tuesdays